Directory List & Print Pro 3.31 Crack+Portable With Serial Key Free Download

Directory List & Print Pro 3.31 Crack+Portable With Serial Key Free Download

Directory List & Print Pro 3.31

Directory List & Print Pro 3.31 is a software for Windows and enables to list and print folder and directory contents in a many ways that are simplest. Moreover, the file and folder lists could be formatted, filtered and saved to file that is several as well as be further processed (delete/copy/move files). The list of records and folders can straight opened in Microsoft Office Word™ and Excel™  and OpenOffice / LibreOffice Writer and Calc. It also conserved as the text file, PDF file, HTML, and XML tables and by copying this content towards the clipboard the list can almost export into every single other program.

If you’ve ever needed a real way to list files and files on Windows, you might realize that Microsoft has never actually included this feature. For whatever reasons you may want to develop a range of files or folders, Directory List and Print professional have got you covered.

Directory List & Print Pro 3.31 Serial Key takes seconds to get right up and running. Without having actually to install it, you can run Directory List and Print Pro directly by unpacking it and running the EXE file.

A handy thing about that application is through a few easy steps, so it includes an incredibly simple wizard which takes you. Pick the files and the folders you wish to print from the Explorer-like tree structure, and the details will be listed in the half that is second of a screen.

The details that Directory List and Print professional can offer are the folder path, filesizes, timestamps and several others like file attributes, CRC checksum, row numbering and for folders: final number of records within.

The production that this application creates can be plain text, CSV files (which can be handled by many applications), Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or even Microsoft Word papers.

The point that is good this system is that there is a free version which will be unregistered. The complete version is somewhat more comprehensive though the free variation contains many useful features.


Directory List & Print Pro 3.31

Directory List & Print Pro 3.31

Graphical User Interface

This program supports the processing and creation of the directory listings in a few easy


  1. Directory selection for the point that is starting off list
  2. Columns selection for this associated with the list
  3. Display details for refinement of the list
  4. Filter of optionally requested files
  5. The output of this file list for saving and printing to:

Pdf, Html, Word™, Excel™, Writer, Calc, XML, CSV, Text, Clipboard, Notepad

  1. Action for processing the files which can be listed delete, content, move, etc.)
  • Directory List & Print professional features and highlights:
  • Choice of directories to be listed by way of a tree structure
  • Selection of directories by going into the course as a text sequence
  • Drag & Drop of directories (or a file) from Windows Explorer
  • Integration of “Open in Directory List & Print” in the directory context menu of Windows Explorer
  • Direct selection of crucial system directories as “My Documents” etc
  • Set of sub-directories and files and looping through sub-directories (recursion)
  • Update file list automatically or manually
  • Display of last modification date
  • Display of final modification time
  • Display of quality
  • Display of file name with or without directory path
  • Display of the file names with or without file extensions
  • Indication of wide range of entries for files and directories within the list

Directory List & Print Pro 3.31 System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows™ XP/Vista/7/8/10 ( 64bit and 32bit).
  • Program space on hard disk: about 20 MB.


Start the setup program and follow the guidelines. Afterward, an entry in the start menu and an application shortcut on the desktop is available to initiate the system.

Both the setup program and the scheduled system itself digitally finalized. Before beginning, please

check the validity of the Digital Signature of the EXE-files that are executable context menu:

Properties: Digital Signatures: open Infonautics GmbH). If the name is missing or invalid, then the system is changed by 3rd events and may even cause harm thus. In this case

please refer to the application maker for the software that is originalsee contact below).


Directory List & Print Pro 3.31 – is the software to produce a listing of files and print them on a variety of media, including network. The lists can export into other programs or open straight in Word ™ and Excel ™ by copying to the clipboard. The version that is free all the basic functions, the professional version offers interesting additional functions.

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