Slimjet 18.0.1 Portable (32-bit & 64-bit) Free Download

Slimjet 18.0.1 Portable (32-bit & 64-bit) Free Download

Slimjet 18.0.1 Portable is a fast, bright and web that is powerful in line with the Blink engine. It made on the surface of the Chromium source that is open, on which Google chrome also based. Slimjet integrates a lot of dynamic and features that are available help users optimize their online efficiency. Slimjet 64-bit also includes many choices and settings so that users can customize the browser to suit that is most beneficial their own personal preference.

Slimjet 18.0.1 Portable (32-bit & 64-bit) Free Download

The Chromium-based browser features a simple, neat looking interface that makes Internet navigation an experience that is convenient. You have the possibility of accessing a website by entering its URL in the address bar or perform a quick browse one of the traditional machines, by opening the question in the industry that is devoted.

Slimjet 18.0.1 can remember usernames and the passwords, then fill out specific automatically fields, when necessary. Moreover, you can modify the toolbar by adding or buttons that are removing as well as webpages shortcuts. Hence you could access the complete most details that checked out one click.

Slimjet 18.0.164-bit features a thorough download manager, that allows you to monitor the transfer progression, the item’s provenance, as well as the destination that is regional. You may even view a list of all recently visited internet sites, therefore, the paths to local files that you’ve got opened, in the tab that is history.

Additional Benefits:

Efficient and fast: Faster browser startup, faster page loading, highly responsive UI powered by industry-leading Blink engine.

Stable and safe: Automatic protection against phishing and malware, advanced level privacy control options, robust architecture that is multi-process.

Powerful and Versatile: Loaded with convenient and features that are powerful Slimjet does more for every single user without depending on external plugins.

Customizable and versatile: Flexible options and settings are available to modify Slimjet to suit preference that is individual maximize efficiency.

Slimjet 18.0.1 Portable (32-bit & 64-bit) Free Download

Key Features:

  1. Kill Annoying Ads with Ad Blocker.
  2. Turbocharged Download Manager.
  3. QuickFill Intelligent Form Filler.
  4. Fully-customizable Toolbar.
  5. Convenient Facebook Integration.
  6. Youtube Video Downloader.
  7. Photo Enhancement & Photo Framing.
  8. Instant Photo Upload.
  9. Weather Condition & Weather Forecast.
  10. URL Alias Support in Omnibox.
  11. Extensive Support for Plugins and Themes.
  12. Customizable New Tab Web page.
  13. Versatile Web Web page Translation.
  14. Flexible Options and Settings.
  15. Automobile web site that is refresh.
  16. Enhanced autofill with predefined identity information.
  17. Bookmarks side panel.
  18. Quickly switch search engine.
  19. Save webpage screenshot.
  20. Adjustable Tab Behavior Control.
  21. Stop all animations which are the gif.
  22. Allow mixed-mode Http/https content.
  23. Option to desktop notification that is disabled.
  24. Upload clipboard image.

What’s new in Slimjet 18.0.1?

  1. Fix bug associated with the canvas reading exception list.
  2. Fixed a bug with portable version about storage space location of individual data.
  3. Migrate to Chromium 57.


Slimjet 18.0.1 Free Download is a convenient tool that enables you to navigate cyberspace at the high rate and view Web content in an environment that is safe. The versatile functions and customizable toolbars offer you access that is quick your chosen websites and enable you to save yourself the content to a nearby folder, print it or bookmark addresses.

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